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Safety - Top 6 Things You Should Avoid While Driving

Safety - Top 6 Things You Should Avoid While Driving

The first thing that behind-the-wheel training schools teach are the dangers of texting and driving, but most people are unaware of how many activities can be just as dangerous. Drivers should avoid these things below for safe driving;

1. Fast Food

Believe it or not, any car accident attorney will tell you that eating and driving is just as dangerous as texting. Distracted driving accounts for 80% of all auto accidents, which includes eating and drinking. Of course, fast food is the largest culprit. The time driver will take to remove the wrapper of the food, look at your fries, and make sure you don’t spill your drink add up. While it might not seem like much, those few seconds could be the difference between getting to your destination and going to the hospital. 

2. Your Navigation System

Millions of people rely on their navigations systems to get anywhere. For most, it’s how they navigate traffic while commuting to work. The problem is, you have to take your eyes off the road to see the screen. 

You can avoid an accident caused by this distraction in two ways. Firstly, make sure the voice on your GPS is turned up loud enough to hear and secondly, place it where you can glance at it without completely removing your eyes from the road. 

3. Grooming

Everyone has been there. You’re rushing to work and figure you can work on your hair in the car. It seems harmless, but taking your hands off the wheel is just as dangerous as taking your eyes off the road. In such a case, you are doing the two together to look great which is risky.

4. Radio Adjustments

If you’re constantly turning or fiddling with your radio, then you have been distracted from driving. Without you looking down the radio set your attention is off the road. Another form of distracted driving is focusing your mind on something else. Before you take off, set your radio and the volume to your satisfactory. 

5. Too Much Talking

There’s nothing wrong with talking to your passengers, but some people take things to the extreme. If you’re too wrapped up in a conversation, then you’re not placing the majority of your focus on the road. It’s important to keep a balance between the two to ensure your own and your passenger’s safety. 

6. The Deadly Drop

If you’ve ever had something drop between your car seat and the centre console, you know how impossible it is to retrieve it. This small action causes more accidents than you might. Instead of cramming your hand down into the abyss, leave the item there until you park again. 

It isn’t easy to train yourself to leave items there, but it could save your life. Whatever you dropped is most likely another distraction anyway. Besides, it’s not going anywhere.

There are plenty of other forms of distracted driving. However, avoiding these common mistakes will help you stay accident free. Remember, anything that takes your hands, eyes, or mind off of the road is dangerous.

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