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Road Accident

He had no driver's licence but he was trying to help Tolulope, what should they sincerely do to him?

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Everyone is affected by the loss of Tolulope Oluwatoyin Arotile,she was a beacon of hope to,she will missed by all her friends and family.

But according to the news she was accidentally hit by a car that was trying to reverse. But the car in question was just trying to help her,it would seem she needed a lift and the driver which is her friend and classmate was just helping.

He accidentally reversed and hit her by mistake,she was injured on the head but passed away. The driver (her friend) in question had drivers license to start with,that means he was not suppose to be driving.

You might agree if I say he should be penalised for not having a drivers license but he was trying to help when he accidentally hit her.

How do you think this case should be handled?

Accidents happen sometimes,or you might say most times but when it comes to the sudden death of a loved one things like this will not be taken likely.

That's why its always in your own best interest to always abide by the laws which keeps us safe.

We abide by rules so as to avoid unwanted mistakes,how would you say someone with so much potential like Tolulope died by mistake she still had a lot of things to offer as a youth,as an officer and to her family.

Now is the time to take driving very serious and not something you play with as it is very serious and dangerous.

Her friends were trying to help her but it all turned to mistake.

Who do you think should be held responsible?

No parent would watch their child just die like that without doing anything. Her friends will definitely regret this accident but there is a lesson to learn.

How will the proper author handle this case?

Though investigation is still going on,this case will still have to be handled and if it was really am accident,what will happen to the two boys in custody.

Right now don't only think that we just lost Tolulope,think of the lessons we are suppose to learn from this. These kind of situation happens almost all the time with friends but I hope they read this and reflect on their actions.

The question still remains:

What should be done to her friends?

What's your opinion?

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