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Tolulope Arotile's Death: 4 Sensitive Questions That Must be Answered

The untimely demise of the late officer Tolulope Arotile, the first Nigerian female combat helicopter pilot, is a big loss to the entire nation at large. Following the suspicious death of the 24 years old officer who was killed by an old classmate, many have been asking some questions that is very sensitive, demanding that an investigation be carried out to really know the cause of her death.

Here are five sensitive question that must be answered to really uncover the secret behind the death of the late officer Tolulope Arotile. A forensic investigation must be carried out to answer these questions.

1. Who drove the car?

This is one question that requires a direct answer. Yes we are told that an old classmate of hers, where is this classmate from, was it her primary, secondary or the one from the Nigerian Defence Academy? We need a basic description of this old classmate.

2. What is the name of this classmate?

We were not told the name of the classmate of the late officer who was untimely killed.

3. Where is the suspected killer at the moment?

We need to know the way about of the killer, is the killer charged for manslaughter or cooling of somewhere and enjoying his or herself? What action has the Nigerian Air Force taken to prove that the death of the late officer Tolulope Arotile was really an accident?

4. What is the present situation like?

Its been three days now since the death of Arotile, what is the present situation like especially with the suspected killer? Is killer been tried or in the custody?

These and many more questions that the Nigerian Air Force must provide answers to, in other to clear the air of suspension. If not, the death of Tolulope Arotile will just be like a normal death in this country, despite her commitment to the nation in fighting insecurity.

What do you think?

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