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How to start your own Poultry Farming business in a small scale

Poultry can be defined as an Agricultural aspect that deal with the rearing a domestic bird (such as fowl, turkey, guinea fowl, pigeon e.t.c.) for the source of income and for domestic need.

Here are the rules and steps for starting your own poultry farm.

1. Choose your poultry Sector: as we all know that poultry farming is a wide industry, in these there are two types of farming you can choose from boilers and layers.

Broilers are chicken that is raised for meat production.

Layers are chicken that is raised from eggs production

From these two sectors for a beginner you have to choose one of your choices you can afford.

Also, there is the business of incubating eggs and raising chicks.

However, poultry farming business is operating sectors. So, is you to decide if you want to restrict your business to just one or two sectors of your choice specially in the beginnings

These are the following niches you can choose from

1. Meat Production (Broilers breeding)

2. Egg production (Layers breeding)

3. Poultry Feed Production

4. Egg and Meat Processing

5. Chicken Breeding (Hatchery)

2. Choose the type of Bird

Poultry Farmers rear as many type of birds, but as a beginner you can start your small poultry farm by focusing on one or two birds and then include more birds later as the business is growing successful. Commonly, poultry farmers raise birds such as Chicken/domestic fowl, as broilers or layers, Turkeys, Guinea fowl, Pigeon and Peacock e.t.c 

You should also determine which type of sector you want to rear either your choice to start farming for meats production or egg productions.

3. Set Your Farm Location

Farm Location is to be set in a well appropriate place. It is very advisable that the location is to have all the necessary facilities. For a big Farming Production try as much as possible to find your farm Location in a little away from the town so that you can have the land and labour at a cheaper cost.

But if for beginners you can start in your home with a limitation numbers of rearing chickens.

4. For a small scale domestic farming, you have to buy some little equipments/tools like feeders, drinkers, brooder while some incubator and other equipment will be used later as soon as your business is growing.

5. You meet many people on daily basis, tell them about your own plans to start your poultry farming business. Start from making dialect/conversation with your friends, neighbours and relatives. Visit some events/Occasion similarly to poultry farming business and try to make friends as many as possible for Agriculture aspect hint.

Let everyone aware of your farming plans and take their advise especially some professional farmers.

6. Market your own Farm Products

When you are starting poultry farming business are one of the criteria you have to keep in mind is the aspect of marketing without having a marketing plans for your business, it is really hard to achieve your goals. To market your products outcomes, ensure that you have properly and we'll analysed demand and Supply situation for your products in your niche sector.

Conclusion: Your Poultry Farm Business can thrive if you take a good right steps from the beginning. Pick right Poultry sector that you are interested in and you're capable on, Choose the type of bird you aims to rear, find a preferable location for your farm, market your products.

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