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STORY: It Kills To Be Greedy, Be Contented With What You Have No Matter What.

Where you among those that doesn't matter if it is whom you are. Adekunle Gold a Nigerian top artist sang the grass is greener on the other side.

I would like to share a story of a farmer with you.

Once upon a time, there was a farmer named arfiz, he was a successful farmer.

He was contented and happy with what he had, he was happy because he was contented and he was contented because was happy.

One day a merchant who knew the glory of diamonds came and told him that if he had a diamond like the size of his fist, that he can buy own his village and if its the size of his thumb that he can own a city and if it is the size if his palm that he can own a country.

The farmer was astonished after hearing the Glory's of diamond.

Now, the farmer was discontented because he was not happy and he was not also happy because he was discontented.

The next day the farmer sold his farm and went in search of diamond, he journeyed from one country to the other till he had no money left with him. He drowned himself in the Barcelona river.

Meanwhile the farmer he sold his farm to was busy working in the farm one day. The sun struck on one of the stones in the stream that flowed through his farm, And it glittered.The farmer seeing that, that had happened.

Went and pick the stone and said that he would use it, to decorate his house. When he got home he place it in front of his house.

The next day the merchant who told arfiz the glory of diamonds, was passing, when he saw the stone in front of his house house, he asked if arfiz was back.

The farmer replied him no, then the merchant asked him where he got the diamond in front of his house. But the farmer argued with him that its just a mere stone that he picked in his farm.

Let me end the story here.

You see!

Tough times don't last But tough people do, everything you need to survive is right under your feet. Great men do the same thing others do but they do theirs in a different way.

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