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Why Mentorship Is Important In Livestock Production

In this industry, it's a game( not literally) of producing market attractive products in a short time.

The biggest investment here is time, followed by money. Closely behind them is skill.

One error in execution of plans will force you to go back to zero, that time and money? All down the drain. The tricky thing here is, we're dealing with things that don't communicate using speech compatible with ours, so they can't tell us if we're derailing.

You need a mentor, believe it or not

If you want to make it as bad as you say you do, you need one.

A mentor is your guiding light on going the correct way with minimum errors that will cost you priceless time and money.

The ideal mentor is someone in the same field as you but has more experience than you. So if they tell you a diesel water pump is better than a petrol one, it's most probably because they came to that conclusion through experience. It's wise to listen to them. 

A mentor keeps you on your feet, you don't want to waste his valuable time ka sub standard things. Remember this is someone who's also actively an entrepreneur, and their time is money, literally! So when they visit to see your progress, it better be there, you have to be in their good books ( that's how free hacks are milked) and it also upgrades your value and credibility as a farmer.

Mentors have serious networks 

Because really, you have to know people who know people in this game ( it's not a literal game😊 )

Your mentor will put you on! Trust

You're a new farmer, don't know the ropes. Listen 👏 That's what mentors are there for: guidance. You'll find that they know a lot of people who you also need. Problem solved.

Mentors are there so you bounce ideas on each other. Let's be honest, not everyone in your family or group of friends understand a thing about things that flood your mind in terms of farming

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