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The Most Important Gift of Nature to Everyone and how to Take care of it

Nature is where we have found ourselves as human and life is what sustains us. life is a force of nature, meaning without nature their will be no life. Human beings have experience quit numbers of gift from nature and even the way we are, it means we are product of nature.

Most people thinks that the most important gift of nature are growing crops, the weather, Oils, coal, beautiful natural sites among others. But that is not the most important gift of nature.

The most important gift of nature that is not value by people is our environment. It plays an important role in healthy living and provides air for breathing. This important gift of nature is one that is accessible by everybody in the world unlike the other gifts. But it is quit unfortunate that humans don't value it.

This is the gift that is keeping everybody alive today and that is why it's very important to keep our environment clean because that is the first practice of healthy living.

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