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Impact of Technology Towards Agricultural Development in Nigeria.

Agriculture, although known to be the second largest export earner after crude oil and the largest employer of labour in Nigeria, has not made any significant impact in terms of development from time past even up to this present age and one of such factors restraining it's development is technology.

The small holder farmers are the major contributors of agricultural products for the ever increasing population. However, the farm equipment used by these farmers are crude and therefore makes the farming operation tedious, costly and takes a lot of time for the products to get to the final consumers.

Agricultural technology involves the use of technological devices to aid in the production of agricultural products at a reduced cost, time and energy. These technologies also helps to get the products from the farm to the final consumers on time and in a much better quality. Such technologies includes the use of tractors, drones, irrigation system, green house technology, E-marketing, storage facilities, transportation facilities, etc.

These agricultural technologies should not only be incopoprated into the agricultural sector but should also be taught on how they are used. Farmers learn through practice and as the saying goes "practice makes perfect". These farmers through practice can be taught effectively and as such, the desired results can be achieved which is the production of agricultural products at a reduced cost, time, energy and better quality.

Technology is one of the driving factors of agricultural development around the world and so with Nigeria that is already blessed with enough land and water resources needed for agriculture, the use of agricultural technologies will be of immense benefit to the Nigerian economy.

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