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Jewel in the northeast of Nigeria

The mambilla plateau is a plateau in taraba state northeastern Nigeria. The plateau is the continuation of the bamenda highlands of cameroun. The mambilla plateau has an average of about 1,600 meters (5,249 ft) above the sea level making it the highest plateau in Nigeria. Some of its villages are situated on hills that must be at least 1828 meters(5997 ft) high above sea level. The mambilla plateau measures about 96km(60 miles) along its curved length, it is about 40km(25 miles) wide and is bounded by an escarpment that is about 900miles(2953 ft) high in some places. Mambilla plateau is relatively cold during the day temperature barely exceed 25 degrees making it the most coolest region in Nigeria ahead of Jo's plateau. As a result of its high elevation, the plateau experience temperate weather conditions but on a smaller scale due to its location in a tropical region. Mambilla plateau is the main source of water for Donga and Taraba rivers respectively among other Streams.

Mambilla plateau inhabitants are predominantly farmers and herders because of its richness in low grass, fruit trees and plantations. The tribe's that dominate mambilla plateau are Mambilla, Kaka, Fulani, Banso and other tribes respectively engaged in one business or another.

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