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How To Start A Snail Farm That Can Fetch You N100,000 Monthly

How To Start A Snail Farm That Can Fetch You N100,000 Monthly

Hello and welcome to my page, today I I'll be explaining to my readers how they can start a snail farm business that will fetch them income of about 100,000 monthly.  

Jobs are not so available for the amount of youths that are present in the country and instead of turning to crime it is better to start a legitimate business such as this that will fetch you good money. Let us dive right in on how to do this. 

Step 1 - Shelter 

- build a snail cage on the floor in your backyard (p.s do not use concrete floor). Use net to cover the top so that the snails do not go out of the cage.  

- use zinc or nylon to cover the cage when the sun is too hot. 

Step 2 - Buy Snails

- the best type of snail to rear is the Giant African land snail. You can place an order for it to be supplied from those that sell. 

Step 3 - Feeding 

- it costs nothing at all to feed snails. They eat rotten wood, cocoyam leaves, plantain leaves and other plants. 

Step 4 - Monitor them daily to ensure they are doing well. 

Enjoy, you can leave a comment below and please do not forget to share this article to your family and friends on whatsapp and Facebook and any other social media plat form this would encourage us to post more. 

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