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Start a bee farm (apiary) easily, get free fresh honey from your backyard

Honey is a sweet food substance made by honey bees and it is the healthiest form of sweetener for human beings, doctors have said it comes with a lot of health benefits.

Here are steps to starting your own apiary popularly called bee farm in other for you to get your own fresh honey;

1.   Buy or build your own bee hive, buying is easier but costs some money. In case you want to build here is a sketch diagram and a photo of a bee hive structure.

The top bar should be as straight as possible, large cavity to store food, easily defendable.

2.   Location for the hive

Where the hive will be placed should be a secluded area and quiet as much as possible. The area should be in a shade and dry.

3.   Purchase protective clothing for working with bees in their hive called (bee suit) as they can cause great harm.

4.   Download pdf documents online and try to read and understand more about bees and how they behave.

After doing all these then it comes down to getting your bees, you do this by baiting your bee hive to lure bees into the hive and this is the process;

Baiting a hive is normally done with some honey combs from previous bee hives, you can get this from the nomadic Fulani’s in Nigeria, just tell them to help you bring honey comb because they harvest honey from the wild.

When done setting in the honey comb in the hive you should coat the remaining top bars with melted bee wax.

In a few days to a few weeks, you start noticing bees(scouts) hovering around the hive and this is an indication that the hive will soon be colonized.

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