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Stop Saying "Honey And Milk Are My Favorite" It's Incorrect - See The Correct Word And Others

Often times, we make or see common grammatical errors made on different Facebook walls.

Today, let's briefly talk about CONCORD. Concord as part of the English grammar deals with agreement between words in a sentence to convey meaningful points. 

Improper use of concord in sentences is capable of rendering such sentences grammatically un-English. 

Let's quickly look into these:

Chika with his friend, Blessing IS here (not are). 

Chika and his friend, Blessing ARE here (not is). 

The headmistress together with the students IS around (not are).

The headmistress and the students ARE around (not is). 

The Publicity Secretary as well as the chairman IS here (not are).

The Publicity Secretary and the chairman ARE here (not is).

Note: When 'with', 'as well as', 'together with' come in between two subjects, the verb that follows it appears in singular form. 

Rice and beans HAS been my favorite meal (not have).

Rice, beans and fried egg HAVE been my favorite meals (not HAS).

Honey and milk IS my favorite ( not are).

Note: When a co-ordinating conjunction comes as a unit, the verb that follows it appears in singular form. Co-ordinating conjunctions include: and, or, but, so, yet, etc.

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