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How my dad ran out of the bathroom thinking it was an alarm (Fiction)

We just got back from the farm all tired and hungry. Dad is a farmer who specializes in planting, selling pumpkins, pepper, cucumber, cassava and many other edible crops. So after a long day at the farm we were all making dinner because dad usually took us to farm to assist him as well as show us what he usually called 'Farmer's Secret'. So on this very day after staking the cucumber plants to their stands, we all came back with some goodies from the farm to prepare for dinner such as pears and corn. Oh! I think I forgot to tell you about my siblings. I got a kid sister and a twin brother. While we were in the kitchen cooking after having our bath, dad had told us to change the TV channel to his favorite which is the 'Channels TV' while he was in the bath so that even as he's having his bath, he would be listening to breaking news about what is going on in the country and world at large. He loves getting updates about what is going on as he keeps saying 'Information is power'. So my little sister did as she was told. My parents believe that everyone should always be involved in whatever we do as a family irrespective of gender. 

I and my siblings all love this farming season because after every dinner we crown it up with any available fruits but this very day, since we had harvested corn and pears from the farm, that is what we would all be eating after dinner. We all loved corn and pears combined. We either remove the corn seeds from the cob and fry it on a dry pan with salt or roast it with the cob and eat it with boiled pears. 

The enjoyment that this combo brings is a story for another day.

We were all assigned various responsibilities as mum would always say division of labour makes work easier and faster. I was washing all fruits we brought back from the farm, my twin was ensuring that the dinner table was set, mum was dishing out the heavily aromatized food while kid sister was busy cleaning up the kitchen.

So while she was busy cleaning up the kitchen, she started singing all of a sudden, making some noise with the mop stick she was holding, to her she was playing a rhythm that went with the song to dad it was something else. So while she was doing so, we all saw dad run out of the bathroom towards the kitchen in a very scary way. Good that he had finished having his bath.

We all thought there was something amiss in the bathroom or maybe elsewhere. As a human I was petrified. My brother was not with us so he didn't see when dad bashed into the kitchen as he was in the dining room. Mom had just left the kitchen few minutes ago leaving me and kid sister in the kitchen alone when dad rushed in. We were all scared as dad quickly asked "What's that noise I was hearing?". I and kid sister all looked at our terrified dad with our scared faces in confusion and fear (that's if these two emotions can occur at the same time).

I was trying to understand what he meant when kid sister quickly replied with a shivering voice 'daddy I was singing and playing with the mop stick".There was an interval of maybe 2 seconds of silence before a serious burst of laughter ensued from all three of us who were at the kitchen before dad said 'You think it is funny? I ran out of the bathroom thinking it was an alarm'. After saying this, he left us alone to continue laughing. Our laughter drew the attention of my mum and brother, when we told them what happened, they joined in the laughing chorus. You needed to see my dad's face when in came running into the kitchen. Do you know what came to my mind?

Does it mean my sister's voice is scary & horrible?

But indeed that night was a funny one although I learnt that my dad is always ready to protect us in whatever situation it maybe. My father's love to us is second to none. I love my dad. One more thing, I think my sister has a terrible voice that could be mistaken for an alarm.

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