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Reason Why Soil Treatment Is Necessary In Snail Farming.

Snail farming is simply the rearing of snails for both human consumption and commercial purposes.Snaileries are structures or places where edible snails are kept, breed and fattened for commercial purposes.

Heliculture is a great money-spinning business and a substantial source of protein to complement Nigerian carbohydrate meals.

The Mistake that most Snail farmers use to make is that they don't treat their Loamy soil before applying it to their which can cause more harm to their snail,it can cause mortality to thier snail.

Soil Treatment Heating Temperature Also it is good to heat your soil to the point where you have smoke coming out of the soil itself.This will kill any animals or eggs that may be hidden from your view.

What to Do After Soil Treatment After treating all the soil, you have to leave the treated soil to cool over a day or 12 hours minimum.

The soil can be straight into the pen to cool down or placed in a barrow of container to prevent ants from getting in again. After the next day the soil would have cooled down.

You can also Treat your soil by Boiling water and pour it into ur Loamy soil so that it will kill all the micro organism in the soil.

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