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Pig farming business in Nigeria

Pig farming can earn in other ways than selling pork (raw, frozen or processed). Pig farmers can also make money through selling newborn pigs and selling pig manure which is used for fertilizing. It depends on you which of these things you make the main source of income, most often you can earn on them simultaneously. But definitely the main element of income is meat, which is why we will focus on meat here.

Pig meat that we process by making sausages, etc. will be worth a lot more. To realize the earnings on pig farming and it’s profitability. 

Another attractive and profitable way to earn pig farming is to breed and sell small pigs.

On average, a sow has 2 litters a year. Should successfully raise an average of 16 pigs per sow.

Under natural conditions, there is a fairly high mortality rate of newborn pigs of up to 30-40%. 

The most common causes of death for newborn pigs are first of all suffocation from being overlain by the sow. Other common causes of deaths are chilling, failure of colostrum intake diarrhoea or birth defects.

Sows usually give birth at night. That is why it is particularly important for a man to be near the sow when it is giving birth. Thanks to the presence of man, it is possible to significantly reduce the mortality of newborn pigs


• Pigs need a large enough space. Little pigs will fit in a smaller room. They will need minimum 4 to 24 square feet per pig. The truth is, however, that if we have the opportunity, it is good to provide pigs with more space that should have a positive effect on animal growth and health.

• Pig farms usually smell bad, so should be placed away from the homes of your neighbors. 

• Before you even start a pig farming business, it is very important that you plan exactly who will be your buyers. It’s good to get in touch with the chefs of local restaurants, you can also sell on farmers market, and to individual customers.

• Every pig farm must meet legal and sanitary standards.

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