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Are You A Maize Farmer? See The Steps I Took To Have Bomper Harvest On Five Acres Of Land

Maize farming is a is profitable farming business that can give you money within a short period of time. In Nigeria, maize is Widely Consumed. Let us say you don't eat maize directly but you cannot escape its alternatives. Some farmers nowadays are still practicing our forefathers crude method of growing maize and they are expecting to make profit. Even if they think they have made a profit, they will certainly make more than that if they go mechanized. To make huge profit from maize plantation, there are strategic planning to put in place before one can achieve this terget.

1.Planning phase

1. Plough your land twice

It is important to make sure that land is ploughed twice especially if it too busy.To do this you need to start earlier before the planting season.Get your land ploughed for the first time.After a week, carry out the second plough and now leave the land for two weeks to allow another sect of weeds to set. Now go and do your planting and in the same day, try and spray the weeds with a powerful herbicide preferably systematic chemical diluted with atrazine to prolong early germination of weeds. Important of this method are:

(I) two times ploughing allows proper decomposition of weeds which in turn serve natural fertilizer for your maize.

(II) the use of systematic chemical as well as atrazine content also help in delaying weed germination.

2. Post planting phase

This phase consist of weeding, fertilization and harvesting.

First Fertilizer Application

This is done the first two weeks after planning


With the combination of systematic chemicals and atrazine, you may just need to weed once since the germinating weeds will not affect the growth of your maize. But you may weed once in preparation for harvesting time so that you won't be harvesting in the bush.

Second Fertilizer Application

This is carried out when your planting maize aged four weeks.

Third Fertilizer Application

This is the last stage for the application of Fertilizer. It is the nexts one to the harvesting time.


This is the time when crops are gathered from the field. At this time, your maize would have been ready for sale or consumption.This depends on you but my precious advice for you is that you shouldn't take fresh maize to market for sell.This is because once you pluck your maize and take it to the market for sale. Let us assume the price crashes, bet it with me, you will run into a big loss but if it is the dry maize you can always take it back to your store once you discover that the price is okay for you.You don't have this power over fresh maize.

4.Post harvesting Phase

This phase occurs if you plan to store your harvested maize for certain period of time like 2-3 months or more,depending on your purpose of storing them. Don't forget that your maize are coming from the field with destructive insects which you need to control with a powerful pesticides. I recommend phostoxin/aluminum phosphide for proper storage experience.

Warning:How do you apply phostosing?There should be no direct contact between this pesticides and your grains because it hazardous to human health.Just remove like 4 pieces from the pack and wrap each separately.Put all in separate angle of the store.

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