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See Top 6 Major Rice Processing Companies in Nigeria

The rice processing companies in the country has seen rice production in Nigeria skyrocket within these few years. Since it is the plan of the Federal Government to boost Nigeria’s chances of becoming a leading force in food production not only in Africa but in the world, it is not surprising that rice has now been cultivated in large quantities to satisfy both local and international needs.

The agricultural sector will aid in creating wealth for rice farmers, generate income for the government, diversify the economy from oil and reduce unemployment at least to a minimal level.

Here is the Top 6 Major Rice Processing Companies in Nigeria that are considered the best

Olam Nigeria

Olam is a leading rice processing company in the country, producing a capacity of 36,000 metric tonnes of milled rice yearly. Its rice mill is located in Nasarawa state and its near a six thousand (6000) hectare of farm land owned by the firm.

Onyx Rice Mill

Onyx Rice mill is among the best rice producing company in Nigeria producing more than 25,000 MT of rice till date. Found in 2009, the firm has embraced new innovation which has seen its stocks increase. They are located in Bida, Niger state.

Integrated Grain Processors (Nig) Ltd

Integrated Grain Processors is a private company that provides Nigerians with the high quality long grain rice. Their rice processing plant started operations in 2011 and since then, a total number of about 3000 bags of rice are produced from the mill monthly and are bought by consumers. They are located in Enugu

Quarra Rice Mill

Quarra can process up to 150,000 tonnes of par rice and milled rice in a year. Quarra Rice Mill is located in Tsaragi, Kwara state and they are among the best rice processing companies in the country.

Igbemo Rice Processing Company Limited

This company is located in Ekiti state and are the first licensed rice producing company to operate in the state. Consumer satisfaction has always being the watchword of the company in selling best rice brands to its consumers.

Dangote Rice mill

The mill is owned by Aluko Dangote, a subsidiary of the Dangote group. The processing factory is located in Sokoto State and would cater for Northern States where is rice produced. 

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