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What I saw in my dad's farm made me believe agriculture is the way. Here's what I saw and learnt.

What I saw in my dad's farm made me believe agriculture is the way. Here's what I saw and learnt.

These days, living has been almost a nightmare to some people. This is because of the lack of available hobs out there. The pandemic also made things worse for some because they had to stop their jobs.

However, there are still some people that are out there and are not suffering because they have enough. Well, apart from doctors that are being paid well, those into agriculture are also living fine.

No matter how bad the situation of the world is, people will definitely still have to eat. Those that are farming are the next ones enjoying now.

My dad has a big farm and when I entered, what I saw made me believe even more that farming is the way. The truth is, he started by just managing the space by the side of his house. It was this same farming that provided him the money to get a land and go deeper into farming.

When I entered his farm, I saw various animals that he reared. He was rearing pigs, fish, goats, ram, chicken and turkey. 

As if that wasn't enough, he has different plantations. He planted corn, juta (what people call ewedu), vegetables, cocoa and bitter leaf. Can you imagine how much he's making from all these?.

Let's consider the animals he rears first. All the animals he rears are those always in demand by people. People love eating pork, likewise fish and goat. He can decide to rear the ram till it's Sallah period and sell.

We all know how high the demand for ram is during Sallah. He can also decide to wait till December period and sell the chicken and turkey. We all know people love buying chicken and turkey at that time. So he has animals he can sell anytime of the year.

Going to the plants, the demand for corn can be really high once it is its season. People also constantly buy vegetables and juta. 

So, pandemic or no pandemic, he's still selling his livestock because people need to eat. 

What do you think guys?. Do you also think agriculture is the way?. Kindly leave your comments in the section below.

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