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How Do We Stop The Spread Of Covid-19 In Northern Part Of Nigeria

I served in the kebbi in the Northen part of Nigeria three years ago. When I was going to camp, our driver stopped us at Niger state to eat then I saw these little children with plates on their hands running up and down. When they noticed that we were there to eat, they stood at our back waiting for anydrop of food to fall down or for the owner to mistakenly leave the food either to receive call or to wash hands.

They picked the left over and eat it instantly without washing their hands and repeat the same thing over and over again without no one stopping or correcting them.

I asked our driver who they were and he said they are called Almajiris.

Northerners have the largest population in Nigeria and they lack good waters, They hardly bath except for the light skin Fulani's and some of them that are educated. They are just too dirty.

Their water is very bad even the so called pure and table water are worst.

Covid 19 entered Nigeria from Lagos state and they have been doing everything to contain it.

I told a friend that if this virus enter North because of my experience there, it will be hard to contain.

Now it is happening and it is spreading faster most especially in Kano state.

The things about the northerners is that they hate people educating them and they can never stay indoor lailai. 

Even if they wanna eat, they prefer eating in group outside.

Another thing is that that take death as nothing compare to we from the west take it 

When someone died, all they say us INA LILAI. believing Allah has called the person because it is his time.

How will you educate the people that cherish the life of their cattle more than their own lives. Is that not insanity?

Northerners are know for coughing out spit and it has become there habit.

I tried to find out why all of them do these things and I learnt that the hate eating pepper and like taking to much maggi. 

When they eat, A raw maggi will be given to them without any cooked or even raw pepper even when they fry fish, there won't be any salt all they do is give you raw maggi.

We know how corona virus spread. And one of the things is coughing and sneezing. So who can we stop the spread of corona virus in the north when 95% of the population cough and sneeze every minutes.

I heard in news that a northern governor told them to stay indoor and prepare for total lockdown but they decline saying they can't.

With all these, how can we stop covid 19 from spreading in the north.

From the almajiris that runs around like say they are preparing for Olympic game or those that coughs every minute. 

From those that stay in the bush to farm and those that takes the cattle for grazing. How can this virus be stopped in the north?

Content created and supplied by: Titimicheal (via Opera News )

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