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Look at the biggest catfish in Nigeria the size of a shark.

Look at the biggest catfish in Nigeria the size of a shark.

Are you looking for knowledge about catfish?do you want to be a successful catfish farmer? Then this article is for you, follow me for more exciting updates as well...

Below are Requirement for a successful CatFish Hatchery

How to make your catfish grow to a shark fish

(1) Brood Fish – Have selected brood fish of known origins for fast growth, High dress out weight and quality control

(2) Known your fish’ – A good hatchery operator constantly observes his fish from hatching to fry to fingerlings to table size fish. Watch it's normal behavior for each stage of growth. How active are fish at different times during the day? What is the hatching rate of eggs, what is the survival rate of fry?

(3) Water- High quality, unpolluted water supply in abundance year round, preferable with gravity flow water.

(4) Water Chemistry Monitoring – Have the means to monitor and maintain good water chemistry at the hatchery.

(5) Record Keeping- Maintain good record keeping for proper planning.

(6) Feeding of fish – A good hatchery operator knows the feed requirements of each stage of fish production, from zooplankton, to supplemental feeds

(7) Market- Being near a market with high demand for fish fingerlings

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(8) Handling/Transporting Fish – Handling and transporting fish must be done with high survival rates.

(9) Business plan- Have a business plan to assist in qualifying for bank loans.

(10) Marketing strategy- A good fish hatchery has a marketing strategy, which minimizes expenditures and maximizes income. A good strategy includes a variety of clients or buyers of fish, not of limited few who may form a cartel for maintaining low prices to the hatchery operator. Remaining up to date on market prices is key  

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