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A classroom was converted into a poultry farm as schools remain closed (photos)

A classroom was turned into a poultry farm in Borno state, as schools remain closed due to the Coronavirus pandemic. 

Shared images online show various domestic fowls and feeding poultry on what used to be a classroom floor. 

On one side of the building, chairs and desks were stacked up on top of each other to make space for the poultry farm.

It's most definitely a private school, from the way the interior looks.

Those people need to do something to get hands together. 

Despite this a classroom should be out of bounds. I hope they 're going to clean up and sanitize the entire place before letting the kids back in there. 

Will you blame him / her for this act?

This is very wise of him to me. The chicks will be fully grown and fat by November and he'll gain his money. He'll definitely clean it up when it's needed by students but for now it's very smart and generous of him to take advantage of the classroom.

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