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Learn How to Become a Millionaire with Beans Farming

Many Nigerian youths roam the streets of major cities in search of white collar jobs. These jobs are not there and where some eventually find one they are paid peanuts as salaries. In this article, I want to show you an agricultural business you can do between August to November and if you work hard, you become a millionaire within 4 months. This business am talking about is beans farming.

Beans is a staple food item in Nigeria. Apart from rice and garri, no other food item is consumed as much as beans. The market for beans is readily available as the price of beans range between twenty seven to thirty thousand naira per 100kg bag. The time for cultivating beans in Nigeria is from July to November depending on which side of the country you are operating from.

The month of July and August is ideal for beans cultivation while the harvest comes up October to November. If you live in northern Nigeria like Sokoto and other parts, you can cultivate beans in July, but if you live in south east, the ideal month is August. If you have cultivated beans before and you didn't do well perhaps, you did not know the exact time for cultivation of beans. Follow this guide and the result will be different.

Another important guide is the seedlings, you may cultivate the white big beans called iron beans or brown beans but if you are in Zamfara or Nassarawa, the soil and climate is suitable for soyabeans.

Beans is a leguminous plant, it does not need much fertility rather it adds manure to the soil. You can hire a tractor and use it for beans farming that is, if you are farming in a big scale, you can also do without a tractor.

*A little spacing of around 6 inches between plants is needed.

*The yield is very high but you need some pesticides and snake repellants because green snakes love beans.

The Nigerian soil is very good for cultivation of beans. You can easily produce many bags of beans. If you can produce 50 bags and sell it at twenty five thousand you have one million, two hundred and fifty thousand. It is by far easier to produce beans than rice which has to undergo a lot of processes.


If you have some hectares of land, give this proposal a trial, you will be very glad and happy you did, as the chances are high that you will become a millionaire after harvest in November.

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