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Why Temperate(Green) Apples don't grow in Nigeria

Over 70 million tones of apples grow worldwide. China is responsible for producing at least half of this quantity every year followed by the united states.

In Nigeria, the majority of apples consumed are imported from countries like South Africa and the united states of America. The statistics show that at least 50,000 tones of these apples are imported into the country annually.

While there are two types of apple the Bell Apple (Red) and Temperate Apple (Green). The red one can be grown in Nigeria while the green one can't be grown in Nigeria. This article will be emphasizing on this aspect.

Temperate AppleThis apple is the most popular apple and also the most consumed apple among Nigerians. They are produced in Mediterranean regions. They cannot be grown in Nigeria because they require cold conditions for growth and fruit production. It needs to be exposed below 7°c for at least 6 weeks during the planting season, though had been grown in jos, mambila in the plateau region before.


The loamy type of soil is the most suitable soil for its plantation.

Season :

They are planted in January/February and require rainfall of 115-120cm pe year.

Life span :

The life span of an apple tree is about 35 years although some grow more that these period.

Common Pest:

The common apple pest are Thrips and aphids they can be prevented by using pest resistant root stock.

In my next article I will be emphasizing on the two types of apple that is the Bell Apple(Red) and the Temperate apple (Green) and how they are planted respectively. Kindly hit the Follow button so as not to miss the concluding part.

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