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See the dangerous lizard that attack me in the farm (photos)

It was a bright and sunny day, I decided to go to my farm to plant some seeds. I had to walk 3km from my house to my farm, i got the farm and started planting the seeds. I was so stressful. After some hours I was through with planting. I decided to rest for some minutes before going back home.

All of a sudden, I heard a loud noise than i saw something coming towards my direction, I quickly stand up and get prepared, I thought it was a snake, then I saw that it wasn't a snake but a giant lizard, I took a big stick and I tried to hit the head, but I miss the animal try to fight back, it turn it head and wanted to bite me , I successfully hit the head with a stick .it died immediately.

Am so happy for catching this particular lizard, because it very difficult to catch and rare to see.

It will make a good fortune.

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