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What you Must Understand when a Tiv Man Say's "Ayatutu Ka Uno?"

Nigeria is often referred to as the "Giant of Africa" because of the large population and distinct economic achievement not to compare with the neighbouring countries.

Nigeria is a country with more than 500 languages with over hundreds of ethnics groups.

Like earlier stated, there are over hundreds of ethnic groups in Nigeria, but for the purpose of this articles we will be looking at just one. The "Tiv". Tiv is one most the largest ethnic group we have in Nigeria. The Tiv ethnic group is known for its rich Agricultural produce and also the trading of this produce, it is also one of the major means by which this group gain it's income. The Tiv group trace their ancestry back to an accent individual also known as Tiv.

They are located in the middle belt area of Nigeria, Benue State.They speak a Niger-Congo related language. They live in villages growing, yams, maize and cassava. They also rare goats, sheep and chickens. They are also noted for bead making, carpentry, weaving and a lot more.


When a Tiv man says "Ayatutu ka Uno?"

He is simply asking a question and there is only One respond to that question, which is "Ka se!!!.

Let's dig deep.

Togetherness has eluded the present Tiv generation. "Ayatutu" is a word associated with the Tiv people, it is sometimes used as a form of identification amongst the Tiv people.

What is this name "Ayatutu?"

Ayatutu literally means eating food while it is hot. It is widely understood that a Tiv man likes warm food, if not hot. A none tribal man might eat cold food but a Tiv man "Ka ayatutu" (he eats the warm food).

What is this respond "Ka se!!!?"

When a Tiv man says Ayatutu Ka Uno? another responds saying Ka se!!!

ka se!!! Simply means "It is us".

For example "Who eats the warm food"

and the responds will be "It is us"

Then if you want to say it in Tiv language, you simply say.

"Ayatutu ka Uno?

Ka se!!!

Do you have any contributions to this piece, of cousre related ideas will be welcomed.

Thanks for reading.

Ayatutu ka Uno?

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