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N-Power: If you selected this category, there is 95% chance you are already shortlisted

If you have applied for the N-Agro scheme in the Npower register, there is a very good chance: up to 95% could be pre-selected among others. I will explain below.

Some Nigerians, when they heard the word farming or agro, came across broken glass and a cough in a secluded forest, and cleaned up while wearing dirty clothes like an ordinary peasant farmer. But not so in N-Power. Basically, what I will do in N-Agro mode is actually send a report or monitor a group of people working on a mechanized farm. You will not be one to work hard. If you are lucky, you can even work for the state agricultural council and help reform and implement agricultural policy.

Here are some of the main reasons why you may or may not be in N-Agro mode.

1. There is a big gap in the agricultural sector.

Due to the nature of farming in Nigeria, many people are left without it: they believe that it will end with the labor of plants and animals in the forest. However, the government still spends more money on agriculture each year for other sectors. There are also many CBN initiatives and programs created to promote agriculture in Nigeria. This creates a huge gap in agriculture, and therefore you will be selected.

2. There is less competition in the agro plan.

According to the above explanations, fewer people applied to N-Agro. This gives you a better chance to choose for yourself, as there are fewer people registered at N-Agro.

3. Schools are currently closed.

Schools are currently closed due to the COVID 19 pandemic. As a result, the government is reluctant to hire teachers and keep them in current salaries. Interaction is lacking and encourages laziness, and the country will not move forward if it does not work in an unemployed country. Instead, they will hire productive ones and help provide food as quickly as possible, even in a pandemic. And guess who it is? Agronomists and N-Agro applicants.

4. The government wants to be in agriculture.

The government wants young people to be interested in agriculture, and will therefore do its best to encourage people who apply to the N-Agro regime to join the various agricultural programs offered in Nigeria. If there is enough food, the loans will be repaid.

So, if you turn to N-Agro, I want to congratulate you, because you will find the list and you will help the nation achieve its goal of food security.

Content created and supplied by: Abiola2010 (via Opera News )

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