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Every Heard of Malthusian Crunch? Here Is The Meaning

Child birth and population growth is add to the human resources of a nation, but have you ever wondered what happens when this same population growth becomes out of hand? This brings us to the topic under discussion. Malthusian Crunch or Malthusian Catastrophe as it is often called simply refers to a situation where the population outgrows means of sustenance or agricultural production.

From them graph above, we can get a clearer picture of that Malthusian Crunch is all about. According to Thomas Malthus, the proponent of this theory of population, population grows geometrically, while means of sustenance grow arithmetically. This is to say that population multiplies, while means of sustenance of production adds up instead of multiplication. As a result, if the population growth is not checked, it will get to a level where the population of a country will outgrow the agricultural production or means of sustenance of the people. The crisis that will follow is what is known as Malthusian Crunch or Malthusian Catastrophe.

Accordin to Malthus, if we fail to check population growth, it will get to a point where factors beyond us will do that for us. These he regarded as positive checks and they include famine, Pandemic wars and some other natural disasters that could force the population to reduce. He also stated how we can control population growth through what he regarded as preventive check and they include abstinence, delayed marriage and child birth, use of contraceptives and other methods of birth control etc. He also advised that we use the preventive check as the positive check is not a good thing.

I believe that by now you already understand the concept of Malthusian Crunch or Malthusian Catastrophe. Now, share this with others to enlighten them

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