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Key Points For A Successful Intensive Fish Farming

Most people want to enter into fish farming business probably because they know it is a lucrative business or maybe they know someone that is successful with it without realizing that it requires a lot of work and money for a fish farm to be successful. It is worthy then to note that Intensive fish farming is a capital Intensive venture that requires constant monitoring and improvement.

The next question then will have to be,how do I start Intensive fish farming?. Most people choose one of the four major methods of Intensive fish farming which includes;ponds, raceway, plastic tanks and water re-circulatory system.

1)Ponds: ponds are enclosures filled with water for the purpose of rearing fishes. Ponds can be earthen i.e when we dig a big hole in the ground and fill it with water or it can be concrete i.e when blocks are been laid in a rectangular shape and then filled with water.

2) Plastic tanks: most people use tanks that are cut in halves or plastics specially constructed for rearing fishes. It is mostly kept somewhere the sun won't shine directly on the tanks to avoid over heat. This method is considered the cheapest.

3) Raceways: most people use iron bars or nets to cage off a particular portion of a river or stream and that portion will be used for rearing fishes. The fishes still remain in the natural water but are restricted within the area inside the iron net

Ponds and plastic tanks are the commonly used methods in Nigeria.

The next thing to consider is,where do I get fish to start rearing?. There are many hatcheries across the country where you can buy high quality fingerlings and juveniles(young fish) to start rearing. It is very important to get good quality fingerlings or juveniles in fish farming business,thus it is adviceable to buy from a reputable hatchery. It is also adviceable to be physically present at the hatchery to buy fingerlings or juveniles that have been sorted

Why do I need to buy fingerlings or juveniles that have been sorted? In fish farming,there are fingerlings called runts. Runts are fingerlings that have disease and won't grow well no matter how much you feed them. Buy fingerlings that are called Shooters because the grow faster

The next thing to consider is the type of feed required for effective growth of fishes and this will be treated in the next article. Please like,share and comment to stay updated

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