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The Blessings of Being a Villager.

I had my primary and Secondary education in a village, so, I know all it means to be a Villager. A village is a small, silent and local settlement. The major occupation of the villagers is farming, definitely, food is never their problems.

Would you ever imagine that this lockdown have no or little effect on the villagers? They go to their places of work (farms) everyday. They enter into their farms any time and fetch whatever they want to eat without any obstruction.

While the people in the cities are scared of harmed robbers whenever night falls, the villagers enjoy a peaceful atmosphere. They sleep with their two eyes closed. No one threatens their peace in the villages.

Most significantly, villagers enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables. They are free from chemical consumption of the cities. Oranges, mangoes, cashew are obtained fresh from the farm and eaten by villagers while those in the cities only consume either rotten fruits and vegetables or chemical products.

Further more, if we talk of fresh air (oxygen) only the villagers have access to it. Vehicle exhaust, chemical from industries etc have polluted the air in the cities. Villages are always surrounded with trees from which fresh air flows to the people.

People are found of running after luxurious life in the cities. Infact, they engage in dangerous risk to be able to live big. This is completely the opposite of how villagers live. They live a simple life in their villages and enjoy natural blessings of God.

Helping one another is another awesome characteristics of the villagers. They share almost everything; knives, matches, salt, cutlasses even food.

Despite this blessings, a lot of persons who could have easily succeeded in the villages keep on running to the cities without a specific business or job.

Do you Know, there are still some villages where land is given out free. And there are many villages where you only pay tokens and just two bottles of gin to possess a portion of land. Fellow Nigerian, we can excel in that village if we wisely utilize the great opportunities.

Thanks a great deal, for your time. Please live a comment to propell the writing spirit.

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