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Goat farming can make you a millionaire

Goat farming in Nigeria can be very lucrative business if done right.chose the right breed of goats in your location. we have dwarf goats, sokoto breed, and tall katsina breed, depend on the on that you want to use all are good.

here's is all you need to prepare you goat farming plan.

1 Run your farm like business.

don not run your farm the way other people do casually just for them self alone run your farm in a way that you want to make money from it.for example, get a male and some good breeds of female as they cross the give birth and a proper management is required.

These are the product you can get from Goat.

a. Goat meat

b.goat milk

c.goat skin and fiber.

Get a space and began with 3 or 4 then give a little patience for them to produce.

if you have up to 50 goat that is sold for between 20,000 to 25,000 the you can estimate what you should earn.

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