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God's reward in folds.

My parents were the type of people that will gladly give out whatever they have to make others happy. They love doing it and that is what we their children and everyone around know them for. 

On the other hand was this elder sister of mine whose love for pounded yam can never be compared to any other things. In fact, I'm sure if her birth right is asked for in exchange for a bowl of pounded yam she will willingly give it away. Although she's not staying with us at that time due to her studies but will always make sure to come home for the pounded yam. She came this particular weekend and something happened. 

Immediately she came on this faithful day, her first question was if we have any yam at home and my mum answered that she's lucky because there is only one small tuber of yam in the house which should be enough for her alone.Fast forward to some hours later.A boy came to the house to see our mum and the next thing we saw is her giving the single tuber of yam to him.

My sister was Furious to the bone as she can't believe her eyes.My mum tried explaining to her that the boy's family needed the yam more than we do as they haven't eaten any food that day with no hope of getting any. She told her not to worry that she will go to the market to get her another yam. But we all know it's not possible because we too are not that financially buoyant. 

At exactly 6pm of same day, we were all sitting at the front of the house when we saw one of our neighbor's daughter coming towards our house with a big pan on her head. She met us where we were sitting and someone helped her to drop the load on her head. She said her dad just came back from harvesting their farm and asked her to bring some part of the harvest for us. It comprises ten tubers of yam, vegetables, pepper and tomatoes. My sister couldn't say anything because she was too surprised of what she seeing. 

We all had more than enough pounded yam with vegetable soup that night including my sister who has vowed not to eat any other food except they find the means of getting her what she wants. My mum later told us all that God is always ready to pay back all good gestures in double or more folds if done with good mind. Do Good.

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