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Between "IGEDE" Vs " IDOMA" Who Looks More Beautiful In Their Traditional Attire? (Photos).

My name is kingpaul, today I will be showing you pictures of traditional attires rocked by this two ethnic group in Benue state, "IGEDE" and "IDOMA".


The IDOMA are people that primary inhabit the lower Western areas of Benue state, Nigeria, and kindred groups can be found in Cross River State, Enugu State and Nasarawa State in Nigeria.

The idoma language is classified in the Idomoid languages of the Volta- Niger family which include Alago, Agatu, Etulo and Yala languages of Benue, Nasarawa and Northern Cross River State.

The idoma's are known to be "warriors" and "hunters" of class, but hospitable and peaceful.


The Igede people are a Nigerian ethnic group in lower Benue state of Nigeria. They are native to the Oju and Obi local government areas of Nigeria, where in 2006 population figures stand at an estimated 267,198 people.

However, many Igedepeople are dispersed across the State and Nation.

The Igede are predominantly farmers cultivating maize, cassava, groundnuts and yams, Igede is home of the popular Igede-Agba festival, a colorful annual celebration that marks the yam harvest season in September.

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