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Zamfara state governor to offer bandits 2 cows for 1 AK-47 rifle they return

The Zamfara state Governor Mr Bello Matawalle has urged repentant Boko Haram fighters to give up their AK-47 rifle in exchange for two cows. 

The Fulani Herds men have been involved in waves of attack in the state over the years, but the ex-bandits denied the allegations, saying they too were victims. 

A cow in Nigeria is worth an average of 100,000 naira while and AK-47 rifle in the black market worth 500,000 naira.

These Fulani Herds men initially sold their cows to buy these rifles. Now, the governor of the state Mr Matawalle wants to strike a bargain with them as a means of rehabilitating them back into the community. He is willing to offer two cows for each AK-47 rifle that is being returned.

Over the years, more than 8,000 people have been killed in states like sokoto, Zamfara, kogi and the neighboring countries. The cause of these fight is because of the clash of interest between the herders and the farmers. Majority of the people in Zamfara state are farmers. Their motto is "Farming Is Our Pride". The need to share limited resources has cost thousands of lives from both sides.

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