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How to turn soil to money

Do you know that soil is everywhere in the world though there are different types of soil serving different purpose. Have you ever appreciate this nature called soil that is everywhere in the world.

You might not know that many are making real money from soil. The more research you do and how well you think how lucky you might likely be.

First we as human being are made up of soil, the food you eat is from soil, the water you drink is from soil, the air you breathe in is also from it.

We walk on soil, feed on it and live in it its high time we start making use of it and adding value to it as well.

Many youths have been able to go to school by mere packing of soil from the river for building, if there's no soil to plant am sure man cannot survive.

We need to start looking at what other things we can bring out of it not only food, building, construction, moulding, baking. As much important as this is only a few are making money from it. The farmers, builders, those that sell soil in huge amount of money will know what am talking about.

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