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Maize Is Here - The Mouth Organ Season

We are in the season where virtually every direction you turn to find people helping themselves with the age long traditional mouth organ, maize. We are at it again, the season of maize or corn as some may prefer to call it.

Maize is a food found in almost all the cultures, its obviously a cereal grain. Botanically, the kernels can be considered a type of fruit called a caryopsis (a grain), but its not a fruit, for sure. It can be consumed in different formats - boiled, roasted, caked, prepared into pap, and of course at times in 'collabo' with other accessories such as, beans, coconut, the small pear (or ube in igbo). Research findings show that among other benefits, maize is capable of reducing the risk of amenorrhea, its rich in Vitamin B12, folic acid and iron which helps in the production of red blood cells in the body

Interestingly, many folks enjoy snacking with it, the reason why you may find some people finding their way to any seller around during break hours at work. None is left out, during closing hours, you surprisingly find big cars pulling over by the road sides to visit a maize seller without any recourse to what status just to help themselves, we are talking about maize here and you are talking about status?

The season cannot be divorced from all other ugly dramas that go with it, it is a season where you see various gory and disgusting sights of the dirts created by maize, you see litters and heaps of its shells and shafts in market areas, boiling and roasting points by the road sides, some people even consciously or unconsciously discard the shaft from a moving vehicle after consumption; this does not befit the environment. In as much as we engage this mouth organ this season let us do well to properly dispose of the dirts to keep our environment clean.

The season is usually looked forward to, what is your story about maize?

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