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7 Bakers Whose Cakes Belong To An Art Museum. See Pictures.

Nowadays almost anything can be turned into art. Yup, including cakes. Modern bakers create really elaborate cakes that you could hardly identify them as cakes. Some are just so stunningly beautiful that it's difficult to imagine that someone would cut and eat such a masterpiece.

From abstract designs to geometrical cakes, let's see 7 bakers whose cakes should be kept in an art gallery.

1. Dinara Kasko

The Ukrainian baker has a background in architecture and has a passion for mathematics.

Her cakes look like real avarde-garde works of art. So geometrically inclined, this is what you get when an architect bakes.

It probably what cakes would look like in the future.

2. Cedric Grolet

The talented French pastry chef is mostly known for his gentle flowery designs inspired by nature, but he has been creating something entirely new lately - the Cubic cakes!

They are fresh and eye catching, you'd just want to taste them.

One would have thought using Rubik's cube as an inspiration is totally crazy, but Cedric makes it brilliant, making you just drool.

3. Tortik Annushka

The Moscow-based bakery is run by a family, with the Yavorskaya sisters doing majority of the creative work ranging from abstract looking artistic structures to sculpted architectural designs.

The cakes are different and absolutely mind-blowing!

Their cakes cater to all kinds of customers- weddings, anniversaries, corporate parties and kids' birthdays amongst so many others.

4. Kalabasa

Also a Moscow based bakery, Kalabasa uses one of the basic painting techniques to create their masterpieces.

Despite looking so real, these cakes are just beautiful illusions created by the bakery. The approach is absolutely stunning and fresh.

'Brushstrokes' are made from chocolate and then arranged on the cakes in a manner that mimics an oil painting.

5. KUFstudios

I have never seen a cake that look like it is made from marble.

Kia Utzon-Frank, the creative force and founder of the company is always exploring new fields and genres.

This is not a deception, these are actual cakes! Truly impeccable.

6. Jasmine Rae Cakes

Based in San-Francisco, the baker, has a unique vision that inspires her to operate outside the box and imagine the unimaginable.

She is known for her whimsical ethereal designs that make her cakes look airy and flowy.

They are unexpectedly textured and create illusions of different materials - fabric, paper, metal and even stone.

7. Don't Tell Charles

The bakery specialises in wedding cakes and 'mehn' they like to experiment a lot.

Their cakes look like art exhibitions in fancy museums, not for your dining table.

Their style vary from abstract art objects to gentle flowery designs and avant-garde designs.

Now I'm legit salivating. Where can I get such cakes in Nigeria?

Thanks for taking your precious time to go through😊. I truly appreciate you🙏.

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