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Being a mainstream journalist has taught me the art of remembering

The day is Monday. I am trying frantically to reach a source with whom I have arranged an interview, they are not forthcoming and so I start to consider the possibility that I might be an imposter after all who has not gotten a hang of this reporting thing and probably never will.

I try again, I text them on Whatsapp, they read but they don’t respond, I conclude at that moment that I would never get anyone to talk to me because I am a horrible reporter. 

To give a bit of context to the anecdote above, I work as a journalist. Splitting my time between Lagos, Nigeria, and Kampala, Uganda and barely two years into active journalism, I have already written for some of the biggest media organizations including the BBC, Aljazeera, and Deutsche Welle. 

I share this subsequent information because what situations that don’t go as planned have a knack of doing is that they make us forget. A standard practice I have accordingly adopted to guide me every day as a journalist is the practice of remembering. 

I refer to it as a practice because, in previous spaces, I have shared this news, people have assumed that remembering is something that just occurs and that we have no need to be intentional about, I have, however, known the exact opposite to be true. 

To remember is to call to memory and this act often has to be practiced especially when battling with self-doubt. What I do these days is to take a few minutes and recollect all the giant strides, utter grit, absolute faith and sheer dumb luck that has led me to where I am now, in this moment. 

This recollection catalyzes a newfound perspective of possibility even in the bleakest of situations, the belief that if it has been done in times past, then I can do it again. That if I have somehow come this far then I can go even farther. 

As much as the art of remembering has been particularly instrumental to me in a profession that is as uncertain as anything, I do believe that it can be just as important to you as well no matter your profession or line of work. 

There is a need to breathe and think, a need to intentionally travel to the highs of the past and realize that highs are possible and that they can be engineered by and for you. 

What remembering demands of you is that you take stock, of the process, that you take a glance at the mountains you have surmounted and from this pull the strength to surmount the mountain in front of you. It admonishes that you be comfortable that not all mountains are meant to be carried, some are meant to be climbed and some will forever be present but remember still. 

The recollection is magic, it is reinforcement, it is faith in yourself and faith in the suppleness of your legs, these legs that have moved you in the way of success before will move you there again. 

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Aljazeera Deutsche Welle. Kampala Lagos Uganda


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