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See Picture Of An Artwork Which Is Causing Stir On Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook as we are all aware has been a top platform for entertaining and educative stories of various kinds. For more than a decades now, this blue platform has been experiencing an increase in the number of its user because so many people believe that whenever they are bored, they would get to ease their boredom when they log into the blue platform. The blue platform has also made so many of its user get to meet new people and hook up with them daily; and it's also opened to everyone to share their thought on whatever story they come across while scrolling through their news feed. With all these benefits aforementioned, one would say with all confident that Facebook has got more merits than demerits.

Today, I will be emphasizing on the world of art because art is an illustration of life or it's even life itself. When people go to a museum or tourist centers to have an eye feast, they come across so many lovely artworks, but if you are to look at these art works and grade them based on uniqueness, technicality and how they touch life; you would see that some art works are just impeccable and are on their own class.

As I was scrolling through my news feed on Facebook earlier today, I came across a post which was shared by a user who goes with the name Sherif Mohammed in a group named "painting" and I had to believe that he was the one who drew and painted this artwork because the group was created so that artists across the globe would display their artworks and get acknowledged. His artwork looks so real to the extent that so many people have been acknowledging how perfect it is.

See the post made below:

From the picture seen above, we could see a woman who is crying, perhaps she is afraid of what the future holds for her and the child she is carrying in her arms. The uncertainty and the fear of the unknown could be pictured in her face, she looks desolated and helpless. I'm not not just wowed by this artwork, but what got me surprised the most is the techniques he deployed to make his artwork so real, that it depicts a true meaning of life. After seeing such amazing and perfect artwork, one might even swear it's real or a photograph.

However, the post shared by this artist has got so many people applauding and acknowledging his greatest in the world of art and that you would be seeing below... Read on!

Below are some other paintings done by different artists for you to have an eyes feast.

After seeing this art work, I'm definitely sure you wouldn't believe this is a paint work and this clearly shows you how awesome some artist are.

Conclusively, I would have to give credit to all these artist for coming up with such works of art which looks too real and depicts a thousand words. These artists are so good and full of talent that they could make almost everything but not Heaven, because it's only God who is the maker of Heaven and earth has the power to make Heaven.

What's your opinion with respect to the artworks you just saw?

Rate these artworks on a scale of 0-100.

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