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20+ Incredible wood carving images that will take your breath

Wood carving is one of the most ancient arts in Human History, it exists since the first men in prehistory, and it is considered the fundamental woodwork method. Carved designs appear in furniture design, in the building components of our homes and places of worship, in the household items we use daily and as mesmerizing and beautiful decorative sculptures.

All its techniques are connected to handcrafted woodworking and usually use a cutting tool in one hand, a chisel with both hands or a chisel with one hand and a mallet with the other. The wood carving techniques always create wooden figures or sculptural ornaments of wooden objects.

Carving wood by hand involves innumerous methods and tools to turn the original raw piece into a finished work of art. The traditional carving tools that are used most often are: chisels, knifes, gouges, hammers, along with sanding, painting or other methods to carefully finish projects. Wood is a very light material that can take very fine detail and it’s easier to sculpt than stone. Being an easy material to find in nature and due to its versatility, it was always a favorite for artists.

Wood working has a long and rich place in our history. It's still remains relevant today, as many objects in our Everyday life are crafted from this sturdy form.

Below are incredible and amazing images of wood carvings or sculptures that you need to see.

Skate board art by Haroshi:

Driftwood sculptures by Jeff Uito:

Wood chip sculptures by Sergei Bobkov:

Sculptures by Aron Demetz:

Caricature carvings by Phil Bishop:

Wooden technology by Michael Rea:

Art work by Sending Rui Vao:

Urban landscapes by James McNabb:

Woods carvings by Zheng Chunhui:

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