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These Pictures of Humans Painted to Look Like Birds, Crocodiles and Other Animals Will Make Your Day

Art first glance, I'm sure no one would have believed that any of these pictures were parts of the human body. They probably saw a beautiful parrot, a frog or a crocodile. Even after studying the pictures carefully, it's still somewhat difficult to believe that human bodies could be painted to take on the forms of different animals. Well, that's the beauty of art.

Humans are really creative and these pictures here are sufficient evidence. How did they think of something like this? Such beauty!

Art & painting has been in existence for longer than you can imagine. You probably know names like Da Vinci, Pablo and other art legends. And even in these present times, it's obvious a lot of talented artists exist.

Take a look at the pictures below. Some of them are single humans, who adopted different poses to suit the painting. Some are two or three humans together, who posed for the art work. While some are specific parts of the human body, painted to resemble one animal or the other. Can you spot which is which?

Content created and supplied by: Kamsiwrites (via Opera News )

Crocodiles Da Vinci Pablo


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