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Self-defense: Which of these Martial Arts will you go for?

Martial Arts are those tactical systems of combat. They are practiced for some reasons like:

1. Self-defense

2. Entertainment, like those ones we watch in some movies.

3. Tradition or culture, we all know its very popular in the Asian countries.

4. Millatary; like that of IP Man 4, when the marine wants to adopt a new martial art.

According to Wikipedia, the name (Martial Art) is derived from Latin, it means "arts of Mars.' Mars the Roman god of war.

In this world that we are now, security is a major thing. Though we have the security agencies but sometimes you have to defend yourself.

So for your self-defense, which of these martial arts will you love to learn.


I know we are familiar with this, don't forget this movie: The Karate Kid.

Kick boxing

The kicking and boxing is awesome.

If you are good in this, then you are free to go.


Don't you admire the likes of Jet-Li, Jackie Chan, IP Man and Bruce Lee.


We are all familiar with this. If I could throw punches like Anthony Joshua then no bully can confront me.


I admire this one too. Most especially their stunts and weapon.


You can go for this too. It's quite good day for your self defense.

Now which of this do you think is better and that you can use as as your self-defense?

Credits: Olympic.Org

Thanks for reading.

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