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Raw Talent: Real Dollar Bills Torn To Pieces And Used To Create Art (Pictures)

Imagine someone took your wallet or your purse and they empty all the money inside. Then they cut it into pieces and use it to make a collage portrait of you. How would you feel? That would definitely be a funny scene to watch. These pictures you see here are works of art made by an artist who cuts up 1 dollar bills to make artwork.

The name of this artist is Mark Wagner. He uses dollar bills to make pictures of presidents, prominent people and well known places. I'm sure you have seen pictures of Donald Trump, Barack Obama and others up there. Although he mostly uses $1 bills to make his art, he sometimes adds other dollar denominations. Now, as a Nigerian who knows the exchange rate of $1 to N1, how does this make you feel? Is it paining you in your chest that someone is tearing up money that we are all looking for like this? I can't hide my amusement, this is very funny. See more of his dollar bills artwork.

As you can see, even the Monalisa was not spared from the artist's talented creations.

Mark Wagner is an American artist born in 1976. He attended the university of Wisconsin, Madison. His artwork is one of a kind. It's not everyday we see artwork made from real money. He even said that sometimes during exhibitions people bring out their dollar bills to compare with his artwork. People have had various reactions to his art. Some see it as creative, while others see it as a waste of precious money.

Mark Wagner is the co-founder of The Booklyn Artist Alliance, and has published over twenty artists' books. Some of his exhibitions include Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, MN (2009); Renaissance Society/ University of Chicago, IL (2004); Albright - Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo, NY (2009). These are just to mention but a few.

What are your thoughts on this artist using real money to create art? Do you think it's creativity or a waste of money? Please tell us in the comments section.

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