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Take a look at the weirdest building designs ever made

Gone are the days when houses were only meant to be roof on top of your head.

Today, there is advancement in technology which has affected engineering and architecture. Quality and durable building materials have been made, architects have come up with marvelous designs with comfort and aesthetics.

Most times, we get to differentiate the rich from the not so rich by the quality or type of house they own.

However, some building designs can be very scary while some are just amazing - there are gigantic sky scrappers that will make you wonder how they were put up.

Now, let's take a look at some building designs that may surprise you:

1. this upside down house in Florida

2. Here is Kansas City library

3. Church of Hallgrimur, Reykjavik

4. CCTV headquarters, Beijing

5. Crooked house, Sopot

6. Cubic houses, Rotterdam

7. Habitat 67, Montreal

8. Wonderworks, pigeon forge


9. The Mariana bay in Singapore

Well, these designs are just astonishing.

Let us know which one you think weirdest on the comment section.

Content created and supplied by: JohnnyWorld (via Opera News )

Beijing Florida Kansas City Montreal Rotterdam


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