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Checkout 30 Cool Photo Collection Of Rare Swords Around The World

A sword is a weapon that consist of a long metal blade and a hilt with a hand guard, longer than a knife and usually used for thrusting or striking.

 Swords comes in different sizes and shapes, and we're invented by the Ancient Egyptians during the Bronze Age. From there, Other cultures soon adopted swords, and they became popular. 

Swords are used for battles in the olden days. They are currently used for dueling and also as self defense weapons, mostly against opponent with swords, knives or Dagger.

The urumi sword (a flexible whip-like sword), which was used during the oldest fighting system known as Kalaripayattu, is considered to be the most dangerous sword in the world as it wielder requires great agility and indepth knowledge of the weapon to avoid self injury. 

The advancement of technology has brought the crafting of swords into a whole new level. Therefore in line with this, I've compiled 30 photos of sophisticated and rarely crafted swords around the World. Kindly go through them to enlighten yourself.


What do think about these cool swords? 

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Ancient Egyptians Bronze Age Kalaripayattu urumi


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