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Top 4 Profession For Art Students In Nigeria

Over the years choosing a profession as an Art student has been a major challenge. For some, there are good career instructors to guide them, while others just remain confused till they are being misguided or given any available course to study in the University.

As an art Student or one who intend to study an Art-related course, you must have at least a credit in English Language, Government/History, Literature -in - English, Mathematics, Christian/Islamic Religious Studies, a local language ( Yoruba, Igbo or Hausa), a foreign language which is optional, music and art also optional but depending on the specific area you choose.

It is good to do what you love most so that you can excel in your field. Here is a list of 4 Top professions you can choose to study.


A lawyer is a person who is trained and qualified to advise people about the law. A lawyer can be called a Barrister or a Solicitor. If you are interested in becoming a lawyer, you have to be someone who is confident, likes to read novels, inspirational books etc love to watch detective or crime investigative movies must also be good with date and historical events ability to memorize and have a good command of English. As a lawyer, you can work in a company as the company's secretary or as a company lawyer; you can also be a practising lawyer who goes to court to defend people. Some Lawyer also teach in Law Schools, Colleges, and at other educational levels. There are also a government lawyers who are hired by the local, State or federal government to work on cases as well as analysis.


This is one of the best professions you will enjoy if you love to share your knowledge with others. As an educationist ( Lecturer/ Teacher), you have a lot of time to yourself with breaks and holidays. So if you wish to be an educationist, be good in any course you choose to study in the University but if you want to teach in Schools, study courses English, Literature - in - English etc.

Educationists, are very intelligent, so you must be ready to learn. Educationists can work in Schools, Universities, or any medium that tries to impact knowledge such as Television/Radio.

Theatre Artist

A theatre artist covers a broad spectrum of performers, including actors, musicians, dancers, dramatists; including the play - artist, cinematographer, movie director, producer etc.

For teens that love acting, dancing, make-up, directing, script writing, handling the camera, this is the best profession for you to fully realize your potentials. A theatre artist is a person who understands all the concepts of the theatre. To be a good actor, you must know how to commit words to memory and be a good imitator.


If you love stories, reading, traveling and making researches/discoveries, history is your course of study in the university. A historian is a person who researches, studies and writes about the past, and is regarded as an authority on it. Historians study written records of history and are concerned with past events as relating to the human race, as well as the study all history in time. History is an interesting course and as a historian, you also have the chance of becoming a renowned curator. A historian can also work as a researcher, detective, writer cum editor, librarian, communicator, educator, analyst, museum attendant, information manager or as an advocate.

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