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See Some Forms Of Art People Mistake As "devilish"

Most of what we condemn as devilish are simply forms of art esoteric art which we don't understand

Palmistry: Characterization and foretelling the future through the study of the palm.

Hypnotism: You hypnotize someone to tell you the truth unknowingly.

Psychometry: Placing your hands over a piece of material and you pick up the vibrations of whoever uses that material and you can tell his/her character and you can even describe him/her.

Telekinesis: You can concentrate on an object on a table and wish that object move in the direction you want

Necromancy: If you are interested in invoking the spirit of the dead at a cemetery.

Seance: Hold hands in a circular manner to summons a spirit and it comes into a medium through which it can communicate with the voice of that person who is dead

If you don't want to use human beings, you go to the table and use a wija board.

Tarot cards: You read it to know whether a couple can succeed in their love affair or not.

Levitation: Rising of human body/objects away from the ground into the ground.

Graphology: You pick up some piece of material that someone has written on it, then you look at the formation of the letters and determine the person character

All these esoteric arts which are studied and legally practiced which must not be confused with anything devil.

If you have a contrary opinion feel free to share with us in the comment section below.

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