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Checkout This Stunning Artwork Of A Woman Crying [Photos]

It's of no doubt that the blue platform which is owned by Russian Billionaire, Mark Zuckerberg over the years has been a platform meant to entertain its users with different kind of interesting and educative stories. It's also a platform where people get to hook up with friends both known and unknown on daily basis, and it also gives its user the opportunity to share their opinion on a particular story which they saw while scrolling on their news feed. With all these benefits, one could say confidently that Facebook has done more good than harm.

In my article today, I will be laying my emphasis on the world of art, and I personally feel that art is an illustration of life or it's even life itself because a picture to me depicts a thousand words. Whenever we pay a visit to a tourist center, we do come across so many amazing and beautiful artworks, but if we are to rate these artworks based on perfection, beauty, deployed techniques and its mode of execution, some artworks of no doubt stand out. Some of these works of arts looks so real that one would be forced to attest that these artworks are making their own history and are arguably the greatest artworks one would see in their lifetime.

As I was scrolling through my Facebook news feed some hours ago, I came across a post which was shared by a user identified as Sherif Mohammed in a group named "painting" and I presumed that the drawing and painting was done by him because the group was solely meant for artist to showcase their artworks and get applauded. His artwork is raising so many reactions because it looks so real and the post he shared is a picture of a woman who was crying while carrying her baby in her arm. From the picture below, we could see that the woman looks helpless and worried.

See the post made below:

I'm not baffled by the work of art done by this artist but rather by the beauty and techniques he deployed. After seeing such kind of artwork, one might even swear it's real or a photograph.

However, the post shared by this artist has got so many people reacting and that you would be seeing below... Read on!

Have a look at these artworks below which you might be familiar with;

1. The Sleeping Gypsy

2. The Gleaners

3. Napoleon Crossing The Alps

4. Impression Sunrise

5. The Arnolfini Portrait

6. The Kiss

7. The Girl With A Pearl Earrings

8. The Night Watch

9. The Scream

I'm sure from the artwork above, you can now see where the scream emoji came from.

10. The starry night

11. The Creation Of Adam

12. Mona Lisa

What is your take on this artist's artwork?

Which of these artworks are you familiar with?

Rate this artist painting on a scale of 0-100

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