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If you are among the parents that want your children to study Science instead of Arts read this

There is no doubt that man has made remarkable strides in all areas of human endeavour as a result of science in the last century. Our lives are dominated by the inventions of science from the simplest kitchen equipment to space exploration then one wonders if there is any need for arts education. This is not the case with the arts which has to do with creative imagination ranging from subjects like government, history, philosophy, religion, etc.

Arts is born out of man's for creativity and imagination. Science constitutes only the manifestation of this potential.

Before we play down on the arts let us have a deeper understanding of the aims of liberal arts education

1)It trains man to think critically and constructively

2)It trains man for responsible citizenship in a free and growing society

3)It provides intellectual background for success in business and professional areas.

4)It gives insight into moral, aesthetic and religious values and help men discriminate among values

The goals that have been listed can be achieved through arts education alone and they represent what modern man should have.

Science and arts are both beneficial to the society. But let's not degrade arts education.

Thanks for reading.

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