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8 ways on how to maintain your old car

Just a couple of years after buying their cars, a lot of people grow tired of it. And that’s not often because they’ve fallen out of love with that specific brand or model, but because the vehicle now look, well, tired.

But instead of stretching your tight budget further and try replacing the car because it looks totally used-up, you can restore it to its former state. And here are ten ways on how to maintain your car.

1. Get rid of junk: Getting rid of clutter inside your used car is one of the simplest ways to make it look brand new. Old food cans, water bottles, an excessive number of napkins, unused sunglasses and charger cables, and other items fall under this category. Remove anything that you aren't using from your car.

2. Do a deep clean: It is important to clean your vehicle thoroughly every six months in order to maintain its efficiency. This entails wiping down, shampooing, and/or vacuuming any interior surface.

3. Don't forget to condition: Cleaning isn't enough for the various materials that make up your interior. Using conditioner on your seating surfaces and other upholstered facilities inside your car will really bring out the shine. Use the appropriate conditioner for the type of upholstery you have, such as leather or vinyl.

4. Get New Air filters: Dirty air filters can have the opposite effect on your vehicle if they're left too long. By getting new air filters, you'll not only improve the breathing quality of your vehicle but you'll also prevent the build up of dust and other allergens that can come into your vehicle through the air vents.

5. Wash the Exterior: From the outside, caked-on dust, gravel, or salt can really age your car. Keep up with daily washing, particularly when the weather is harsh. To avoid soap from being left behind, use a gentle soap designed for car paint preservation and rinse thoroughly. After a shower, towel drying is also a good idea.

6. Dents and scratches should be repaired.

Unrepaired exterior dents and scratches are one of the most effective ways to make a vehicle appear older than it is. Fixing these types of exterior flaws not only improves the appearance of your car, but it also helps to avoid rust and corrosion.

7. Make a commitment to conservation

Investing in floor mats, seat covers, and other similar items will help you maintain the quality of your vehicle's interior materials. If you spill something or get muddy, it can fall on the mats or pads, which can be quickly removed and washed, rather than the carpet or seating surfaces.

8. Replace your windshield wipers: Old windshield wipers can leave streaks on your windows. These streaks not only look bad from the inside and from the outside, they can also obstruct your view. Change your windshield wipers at least every six months.

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