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How To Know If Your Car's Spark Plug Is Faulty

A spark plug is a crucial part of an automobile's ignition system, as stated in mechanicbase. When the fuel-air mixture in the cylinders is ignited, mechanical energy is produced. The engine's performance, fuel economy, and even its structural integrity might all suffer from a damaged spark plug. To help you determine if your car's spark plug is malfunctioning, This is how to know if your car's spark plug is faulty.

One possible cause of your vehicle's inability to start is a defective spark plug. If your spark plugs are dirty or worn, you may get a weak spark or none at all, making it difficult to start your engine.

Second, an automobile with a worn spark plug may have trouble getting up to speed, as it would take more time to reach the same speed as a vehicle with a working spark plug.

Third, if your car's engine is making strange noises or trembling at idle, it may have a defective spark plug. That's because an underperforming spark plug can lead to a misfire.

Less efficient fuel use is the result of a spark plug that is unclean or worn. Because it can lead to incomplete combustion, which is inefficient and wasteful of fuel.

Fifth, another indicator of a defective spark plug is an engine that isn't firing properly. A damaged or faulty spark plug can cause the engine to misfire due to incomplete combustion.

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